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It’s no secret that the search for effective corporate trainers can be an arduous one. Sometimes it’s hard to assess what programs are reliable and effective — with real results. For more than a decade, Alan Wallach has helped businesses define opportunities and overcome challenges through a range of strategic methods.

So that each company becomes a cohesive, focused,  exemplar operation.
—and achieves better results.



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Put sound decision-making on the fast track.

What if you could prevent your team from making bad choices? Axiogenics® makes it possible. It’s the science of better decisions, as revealed by Nobel Prize nominee, Dr. Robert S. Hartman. Through exacting training, we hone reasoning skills to result in better choices. For the good of your company. Learn more about our extraordinary course by clicking here. 

Build a better business by investing in your people.

Employee selection, executive coaching and team building are the focus of our full-service consulting. Alan Wallach is a certified TTI Value Added Associate, Trimetrix HD® consultant and DISC® assessment consultant, able to define and amplify the talents that compose your company. Learn to perform on a higher level by clicking here. 

Your own personal corporate advisors.

We provide an affordable, peer advisory group supported by individual coaching to improve the quality of your business and its leadership. In this way, small businesses can benefit from the experience, perspective and support of their peers in the marketplace. Learn about this valuable service by clicking here. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“Alan Wallach has been instrumental in working with us to help us balance our portfolio of products so we aren’t so dependent on any particular product line or marketplace. Currently we have ventured into the water market, offering products which play off of our core competencies and have good revenue potential.”

Mark Nelson

Marshall W. Nelson & Associates, Inc - Milwaukee, WI

“Alan has been a great resource to my law firm. He has provided invaluable insight and input in the planning , development and implementation of long term strategic planning and marketing. These are areas in which I was lacking in experience and expertise. He also provided great insight and counseling in helping me identify and track performance and profit criteria beyond the typical billable hour measure.”

Dean Delforge

Dean Delforge Law Office - Brookfield, WI

“Alan is an excellent facilitator and The Alternative Board has provided me with tools to grow my company, experience significant profit and performance improvement. I highly recommend this experience for emerging, small and mid-market businesses.”

Norine Carlson-Weber

Alpha Source, Inc - Milwaukee, WI

“I say this without hyperbole: I am indebted to what I learned in the Axiogenics Program. The program has helped me both professionally and personally to look deeper into what matters most. In my business (investment management), the ability to make sound qualitative and quantitative decisions is paramount to success. From the onset, the training served as a personal laboratory that increased the overall awareness of my own thinking patterns and triggers, which were blocking my desired outcomes. ”

Bryan Sykes

Integrated Wealth Consultants

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