The Bus Hurdle

Simply stated, the Bus Hurdle is overcoming having the wrong people on the wrong bus in the wrong seats.  The impact of not overcoming that hurdle is low morale, low efficiency and high turnover.

I believe that most people desire “meaningful” work.  The concept of “meaningful” is personal and differs for each person.  People are normally wired to want to contribute, receive recognition, and want to make a difference.  The mistake most business owners make is failing to do the upfront work properly to insure matching the person to the right seat on the right bus.  That means asking the right questions, actively listening, and using behavioral assessments, when appropriate, to reach clarity with a job applicant on what jobs within the organization are available to provide “meaningful’ work to that applicant.  Failing to solve the bus problem is a symptom of Hurdle No 3, “The Wrong Definition of Management”  which I will discuss in tomorrow’s e-mail.

At Wallach Business Solutions, LLC, we have been helping Business Owners, like you, for the past 16 years overcome these hurdles.  Call us to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss this and other ways we can add value to your organization.

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