Your business depends on . .


every decision your team makes. Isn’t it time you got to the root of that reasoning process? Value judgments govern the choices each person acts on. But with our scientifically-based approach of shaping your thoughts to act from a position of strength, anyone can make a habit of good decisions. 

What does that mean for your company?


Effective, decisive decision-makers are the driving force for dynamic growth. Better choices lead to healthier relationships, more employee cooperation and everyone on the same page. A cooperative company is a healthy company. Period..



The right way forward.


It’s not whether you can afford to invest in Clear Choices, it’s whether you can afford not to. How much time are you losing to employee discord or less than optimum leadership? Are your projects going forward in a clear, profitable pipeline? Or lost to vague proposals that are hard to execute? Are you going to sacrifice another quarter to low performing approaches? Yep. The choice is Clear.

The path to clear thinking.

We offer our business clients

  • Corporate Clear Choices training — by team,  by entire company
  • Individual Hartman Value Assessments to  analyze benchmarks
  • Custom-designed training programs
  • Video lessons and E-learning self-paced support
  • Comprehensive follow-up with actionable steps
  • Additional performance coaching



The S.M.A.R.T.E.R approach to growth


We all have an “inner operating system” — the underlying thinking that influences our behavior, performance and success. Axiogenics® scientifically measures how we think and make decisions and teaches us to improve our capacity to make better choices.

Better profit-inducing choices. Better team-building choices. Better standout leadership choices.

Imitators beware. Only our Nobel-prize scientist created field has the empirical pedigree to work like your brain does.

You guessed it. Real science means real results.


Let’s Clear this up.

To review, Clear Choices training helps your team to develop by making the best use of their strengths, wisdom and capabilities. So that every individual in your company can make better decisions, to reach new levels of performance. Come join us.

Still weighing your choices?

  • Clear Choices training is science, not bunk
  • Our methodology is based on how your mind works
  • Better decisions are essential for optimum business performance
  • Implementation is easy and effective with “bring it to life” applications
  • We offer progress checks, personal coaching and e-learning supplements
  • Build collaborative leaders and impress your stockholders

This life-changing practicum details the machinations of brain works and how we approach value generation. Besides the rich course content, what makes the program different from a book experience is the accountability and dialogue inherent with the weekly calls and exercises. My new and more positive behaviors are becoming my new normal.

J Rice

PMP, CJR Consulting

Our company recently completed a $50 million dollar construction project in Detroit with a new joint venture, a complicated delivery system, and a team of new employees working together for the first time.  The Axiogenics® coaching system enabled this team to work with their strengths and through their challenges.  The coaching enhanced communication and engagement, and improved decision-making and cooperation.  Other than our people, Axiogenics® was the best investment we made in the project to produce superior results.

Sam Clark

President, Clark Construction Company Lansing MI

At first I was somewhat skeptical about the unique approach of Axiogenics®. But after we adopted it as the basis for development of our Executive Management team, I began to understand what it means to be self-aware about how my mind and brain work together to make me who I am.  Through application and practice, my thought process began to change and my interactions became much more positive and effective.  Not only am I now a much better leader and team-member, my stress levels are greatly diminished. This coaching has made a significant difference for me .

Bob Qualls

VP Operation, A&M Label

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