10 Keys To Business Success-Cont.

Our company, using state of the art assessments, can help you identify which candidates are most likely to succeed within your organization, can provide continuous skill development support and can show proof of results by before and after metrics.

10 Key Takeaways From 20 Years of Coaching Businesses

1. The top two biggest challenges mature businesses face are (1) identifying and training current and future employees as Managers and (2) increasing employee engagement.

2. Most, so called, leadership training or employee engagement programs avoid accountability by failing to establish before and after  measurements.

3. Assessments, like DISC, rarely have an impact on team building or improvement in effective communications unless continuous active/passive coaching is put in place to constantly build and internalize those skills.

4. The most reliable feedback for assessing the need for change is stakeholder feedback.

5. While some assessments measure natural and adapted communication styles and the Do’s and Don’ts for effective communication , others measure what motivates a person into action and whether they are a good fit for the culture;  still others can identify developmental blocks to optimum performance and predict which people will most likely succeed as Managers. The latter type of assessments can also lead the way to the design of Leadership training curriculum.

6. Ultimately the success or failure of an organization will be based on the quality of the decisions made by its management.

7. Everyone is hard wired to want “meaningful” work. Organizations must be attuned in their hiring and continuous learning programs to make sure that the work/meaningfulness ratio is always high if they are to retain motivated employees.

8. Most small to medium sized businesses need to have the basics in place before they can scale. Those basics are:

1. Strategic Plan

2. Operations Manuals

3.Written Job Descriptions

4. Monthly Financial Statements

9. Most small business owners are too busy working in their business instead of on their business.

10. Having a mastermind group of like-minded business owners can do wonders for a business.

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