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WBS was born out of a desire to meet the wide range of services needed by small to medium-sized businesses. For more than a decade, WBS has been devoted to providing benchmark, assessment and training tools that enhance corporate culture, spur leadership and elevate profits.


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Our training on your time

We understand that every minute your team spends training, is a minute away from daily operations, so WBS training can be offered onsite, in self-paced modules, as e-learning or as retreat education.


Essential insights for immediate improvements

Our work with CEOs and executive teams can be tailored to specific challenges. The general services we offer are:

  • TTI Success Insights™ assessments
  • Trimetrix assessments
  • DISC behavioral language training
  • Employee selection/Identifying talent
  • New employee orientation
  • Employee development and performance plans
  • Retention strategies for key employees
  • Coaching and mentoring top talent
  • Leadership development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Corporate mission integration at all levels


With an administration time of just 10 minutes, TTI Success Insights Management™ – Staff report conducts employers and employees in leveraging behavioral actions for success. By using the TTI report as a guidepost, your company can hire the right person, get employees off to a fast start, revitalize current employees, improve communication and build sound managerial relationships.


The crystal ball for job performance, DISC® theory measures behavior based on four aspects: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. Not only does it characterize on-the-job performance, but it leaves the way open for behavioral coaching so that individuals can adapt for greater professional growth.


Trimetrix System employs a 37-factor analysis to reveal a person’s specific traits in three areas: the how, what, and why of individual performance. Behaviors people bring to the job, values that motivate people to perform a job and the potential to provide personal skills required by the job, let you compare the person to the best job fit.


Who wouldn’t want the key to managing and motivating your team? Our assessment reveals the essence of an individual for insights into training, professional development and quality improvement. By reducing conflict and increasing talent retention, your team will more easily work toward common goals.


Let us discover the best approach to fit your company needs.


“We have been using the VQ Profile Assessment as a tool to evaluate potential employees for over 9 years. The profile provides unique insights into a candidate’s view of themselves and “the world,” how they perceive and interact with others, deal with problems and obstacles, and embrace new challenges and opportunities. Ultimately, we want to know if the candidate is a good fit for our organization and the VQ Profile is the best tool we’ve ever found to help us answer that question. We won’t hire anyone without having the critical insights that the candidate assessment provides.” Trish Carter

HR Manager, A&M Labels

“This coaching process along with use of the assessment with both existing and potential employees has been tremendously helpful to both myself and our organization. The coaching process made me dig deep into how I think and operate and to understand the incredibly subtle but powerful ways that a leader can influence people both negatively and positively. The assessment also helps us to better understand our employees, and helps us to connect, guide, mentor, and empower them more effectively. I recommend this process to any business as a way of increasing the effectiveness of leadership and the quality, engagement, and productivity of your team. Across the board, Axiogenics will make your business and your life better.” Allen Blower

VP, Clark Construction

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