Alan Wallach

Founder and President, Wallach Business Solutions


Alan Wallach, practices what he preaches. A lifetime learner, he’s continually adding certifications, leadership training and degrees to his impressive array of knowledge.

Wallach, is a TTI Value-Added Associate, a TriMetrix HD® consultant and a Certified Axiological Practioner. His advance training includes many inventive approaches to assessments — such as DISC® assessment and the Nobel Prize nominee based Hartman Values Profile Assessment.

With degrees in both law and accounting, a bank board member and former university professor, Wallach is uniquely qualified to address the challenges and goals small businesses face, and train others to excel. As the founder and president of Wallach Business Solutions LLC, Alan has helped the CEOs of small and medium sized businesses determine their benchmarks, evaluate employees, assess teams for leadership revitalization, promote team building and realize business opportunities.

When not plying his trade, Alan is an avid traveler and donates his time to mentoring small businesses.