Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who

understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can

develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. This report

measures the four dimensions of normal behavior: dominance, influence,

steadiness and compliance.

Why Study Behaviors?

GAINING COMMITMENT AND COOPERATION. People tend to trust and work

well with those people who seem like themselves. The most effective way to gain the

commitment and cooperation of others is to “get into their world” and “blend”

with their behavioral style. Observe a person’s body language, “how” they act and interact

with others. Notice clues in their work or living area. By applying the DISC language, you will

immediately be able to adapt to their style.

BUILDING EFFECTIVE TEAMS. People tend to be too hard on each other, continually

judging behavior; therefore, team development tends to be slowed or halted due to

people problems. An awareness of behavioral differences has an immediate impact on

communication, conflict resolution and motivation for the team. Investment always precedes

return. Investment in training the team on the DISC language gets an immediate return

in team development. According to specialists in team development, most teams

never make it to high performance without training in a behavioral model and

commitment to using it from the top management down.

RESOLVING AND PREVENTING CONFLICT. Understanding style similarities and

differences will be the first step in resolving and preventing conflict. By meeting the person’s

behavioral needs, you will be able to diffuse many problems before they even happen. People

prefer to be managed a certain way. Some like structure and some don’t. Some like to work

with people and some prefer to work alone. “Shot in the dark” management does not work in

the 21st century. The DISC language, combined with TTI Success Insights®Reports,

will teach you more about a person in 10 minutes than you can learn in a year

without DISC.

GAINING ENDORSEMENT. Other words for endorsement are “credibility” or “influence”.

Every interaction you have with a person either increases or decreases your endorsement. Have

you ever met a person who won’t stop talking and relates his whole life story to you? When you

see that person coming, do you dread the interaction? If so, it is because their behavior has

caused them to lose endorsement with you and, therefore, that person does not get the benefit

of your time. Conversely, a person who you can’t wait to see daily has gained your endorsement

and therefore, is deserving of your time. The DISC language allows you to “stack the

deck” in your favor. By knowing a person’s behavioral style, you can immediately adapt to

their style and gain endorsement.

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